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Hello and thank you for taking the time to view my website/body of work.

My name is Amanda. I was born and raised in Edmonton. I am a wife and mother to my wonderful son and fur baby!

I was always that person on a trip that would take my phone (for photos), the normal point and shoot and an under water point and shoot. Needless to say I always loved taking photos. 

My husband one year surprised me with my first DSLR. I think he thought why not add to my collection of cameras and get something of better quality.

Well it looked like a foreign language at first so I enrolled into 2 programs through Grant Macewan University so I could learn what my camera was actually capable of.

Well during my second program I became pregnant so I soon had a model to practice on. Near the end of my maternity leave I took the leap into making this a profession and it has been a wonderful growing experience!

AMM Photography came into be
ing as my initials are "AMM" surprise surprise! However this is also the initial of my husband and our son, so we joke anyone in the family could be part of AMM Photography.

The tagline a magical moment steamed as my husband believed I should have something. His suggestion was A Memorable Moment, in all honesty when I submitted everything for logo design I suppose my head was in the clouds as I truly thought it was "A Magical Moment" Well I was wrong :( However I always wanted to brand myself with a focus on children and a slight Disney flair and it stuck!

I would truly be honoured to be considered to help capture your family moments! Please don't be hesitant with any questions you may have! 


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