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Some trends come and go just like the blink of an eye. Then there is the cake smash. This trend is steadily gaining in the list of special moments of a child's first year. A moment that an experienced photographer can help by capturing the wide variety of their emotions.

Cake smash sessions are completed in my home based studio in Schonsee. This is a smoke free environment but pet friendly.

The Cake

Cakes are part of the cake smash package and are ordered from a local bakery, Bake My Day or Cake Affair. The contract will specify which bakery the cake is coming from and provide a phone number to contact them in the event of any concerns. 

All cakes will be vanilla. Why Vanilla.... well sometime chocolate doesn't come across as chocolate and more like poo!

If there are any allergies, all must be noted to the photographer in advance. The companies I work with are wonderful at accommodating dietary needs.


Can I Assume Baby Will Dig In?

Two reactions can be expected from the baby with the cake:

1. Hates it and turns into a sobbing mess; 
2. Loves it and may dig right in a wolfs it down or eats it dainty and slow. 

Remember the baby is just one year old, and is often shy of exploring a new texture, shape or taste. Now also consider, chances are I don't know your little one, so they are surrounded by a new person, new place and parents who are probably making funny noises to engage them to look.

So lets try and take some of that anxiety away. Practice at home first!

Let the baby explore with the texture of the cake and icing/buttercream by having a cupcake or two presented to them within a week or two leading  up to the session. Try this while sitting on the floor as this is how you will most likely be while in studio. This isn't fool proof by any means, but it may help the little one in advance by exploring this type of unique session! In addition practice with a cupcake, may uncover possibilities of an unknown allergy in advance. This being said, do NOT give your little one cake the day before, I have seen little ones disinterested with the cake when they have had lots in a short period of time.


Let's Plan A Theme

Now, not every cake smash needs an elaborate theme. Sometime it can be as simple as choosing 1-3 colours to focus on or having a few flowers around to keep it simple. This is 100% fine! However, let's talk about it in advance as I need the time to either find that item that will help or start crafting away.

If you are like me on a personal level, I love themes and finding details to make it all come together. Theme examples could come from a book you love to read together, a television show your little one has been exposed to, or wherever your imagination takes you! Need inspiration, click the button to see some past sets 

Then It's Time To Smash

At the beginning of the session, I will place the baby on the set and quickly test my settings. This is also a chance to capture some "clean baby" photos as well as getting them used to their surroundings. 

Don't be discouraged if your little one doesn't just jump in. Remember, a lot of this is new to them. Usually the parents or photographer, may need to help getting the fun started by handing some icing or cake to the baby to encourage the mess.

Sessions should be scheduled during a time when baby is happy. Make sure the baby has been fed in advance as a starving baby is never fun. However you want to make sure they are hungry enough to be interested!

Clean Up 

So the cake smash is over and it's time to clean up the baby. A fun alternative to simply cleaning them up with wipes and going home is to do a bath clean up or bubble bath. 


Like The Idea But Don't Want To Use A Cake?

Not a problem, there are so many different ideas we can explore together. 

To list a few:
1. Paint (recommended for 2+ yrs);
2. Doughnut;
3. Pancake;
4. Taco/Fiesta (parents to bring in food items);
5. Spaghetti (parents to bring in food items);
6. Strawberry;
7. Avocado...

The list can go on and on!

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