SIMPLE/Paint Splash/Balloon Garland: $200.00 retainer fee 
- 1 set

- up to 45 minutes
- simple set designed to match colour choice/simple "none prop" based theme. Balloons, tissue puffs, banner, etc.. will be used for decor at the photographers discretion  
- use of client closet

- edited images are sold separately

DELUXE/Themed Balloon Garland: $400.00+* retainer fee
- 2 sets
- up to 60 minutes
- set will include theme specific backdrop, basic props to match your theme
- use of client closet

- edited images are sold separately

The retainer fee is required in full at time of booking


1. $100.00 - 5 edited images for download;

2. $175.00 - 8 edited images for download;

3. $200.00 - 10 edited images for download;

4. $300.00 - 15 edited images for download;

5. $400.00 - 20 edited images for download.


Each additional edited images purchased separately is at $25.00 per image.

USB, prints, canvas and albums can also be purchased separately! 



- Cakes will no longer be included due to Covid-19. The cake must be brought by the parent, however all designs must be approved by the photographer and MUST come from a licenced establishment. 
- *Some themes are more complex than others and depending on the amount of detail/customization, the price may increase
- All packages include print release.
- Additional sets are calculated per request